10 Ways Workforce Connect Optimizes Teamwork

Of all your crucial assets in the warehouse, your workforce is the most important one. From order picking to data processing, your team works together to ensure the most efficient uptime, which is why breakdown in communication channels can be both disruptive to productivity and costly, especially in small and growing businesses. If left unchecked, they can lead to…

  • Misplaced stock
  • Missed updates on critical orders
  • Wasted labor and travel times
  • Overwhelmed and stressed employees
  • Inadequate worker safety measures

As a result, more and more companies have sought to strengthen communication channels, yet this often comes with additional telecom expenses that increase total operational costs. To bypass budget challenges, Zebra’s Workforce Connect fits neatly onto current Zebra handhelds such as mobile computers, tablets, and wearable devices, enabling a variety of key benefits such as:

  1. Streamlined device performance – when mobile computers can function as communicators, workers don’t need to haul around bulky 2-way radios.
  2. Easy task management – Track assigned tasks through one user-friendly interface and send notifications via your mobile device.
  3. Real-time group updates – When more than one person needs to be updated, Workforce Connect can easily group your intend recipients to cut down wasted time sending individual messages.
  4. Remote security management – Receive and deploy real-time security alerts to prevent data breaches or compromised devices from endangering communication channels.
  5. Preventable distraction for delivery teams – Thanks to “driver mode”, you can silence notification updates while eliminating the need for consumer-grade smartphones and/or additional cellular devices for your delivery teams.
  6. Voice commands – Further maximizing driver safety, Workforce Connect enables voice commands for hands-free calls and messaging.
  7. Diffuse emergency alerts – When emergencies happen outside of the warehouse, a pre-assigned button on your device can be pressed to alert the supply chain of unforeseen changes.
  8. Ensured worker safety – In the event of falls in the warehouse, Workforce Connect automatically sends out an emergency alert to the team.
  9. Provide real-time updates on shipped orders – Because teams can readily update their location and arrival times, customers are able to track their in-transit orders, ultimately enhancing customer service.
  10. Monitor locations remotely – Keep a close eye and update routes as needed via your mobile device to ensure timely deliveries.

Explore the full capability range of Workforce Connect in our brochure.

With the right tools, enhancing the power of teamwork can be simple, easy, and seamless. Contact Supply Chain Services to see how you start simplifying your communication system with one plug-and-play solution.

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