1.7 billion NYC subway riders have seamless wireless access from zebra (part three)

In the third and final blog of our series on how Zebra WLAN powers the New York City subway system and its riders (see blogs one and two here and here, we’ll discuss how the NX 9500 Controller and the overall Zebra WLAN platform made this the ideal choice for the huge NYC project.

First, join us in exploring the Zebra NX 9500 controller. This controller allows Zebra Wireless vendors to control all AP 7161s from a single point, while Zebra WiNG 5 WLAN provides AP 7161s with the intelligence they need to achieve superior security, quality of service, performance and management simplicity. Here are some of the key features of the controller.

NX 9500 Controller Features / Benefits:

  • WiNG 5 has the power of a “fully network aware” WLAN, meaning all AP 7161 access points work in tandem to route every transmission as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • The NX 9500 includes the leading AirDefense Services Platform WLAN security solution.
  • NX 9500 gives the ability to monitor, control and torubleshoot over 10k access points from a single pane of glass, providing true hierarchical management. This works with easy scripting, allowing simple automation of group functions.

We’d like to leave you with a quick look at how Zebra WLAN positively impact the NYCT subway system. Benefits include: increased rider satisfaction due to reliable Wi-Fi, increased safety because passengers can call 911 from their mobile devices at any time, minimal management and maintenance costs, robust remote troubleshooting and endless scalability for future-proofing. We’d say that’s a big win for Zebra and the NYCT subway system!

Of course, not every project is as large as the NYC transit system project, but we believe all projects are important where dependable WLAN is involved. If your company has been struggling to find a wireless solution that best fits your needs, give the scalable WiNG 5 platform a shot. Contact Supply Chain Services today!

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