1.7 billion NYC subway riders have seamless wireless access from zebra (part two)

In our last blog, we started a conversation about what Zebra WLAN can do for the transportation and logistics industries—specifically, what it can and has done for the NYC subway system. In our last blog, we presented some of the challenges that this massive undertaking brought to the table. In this blog, we’ll explore how Zebra WLAN met those challenges and exceeded expectations.

A local NYC Zebra WLAN vendor searched high and low for a WLAN equipment provider that could handle the harsh underground environment, have the detailed infrastructure to deliver dependable and fast connections and still deliver best-in-class remote management capabilities. They chose the Zebra AP 7161 outdoor rugged access point and NX 9500 controller for their high quality and robust, rugged designs. The vendor also wanted to ensure they partnered with a company that could evolve with NYC residents and new technologies, and they found that partner in Zebra.

The AP 7161 access points were installed in the subway system, and today, they provide riders with reliable high-speed Wi-FI access. The access points are controlled remotely via the NX 9500 controller. This controller is located in the vendor’s data center, and it controls a grouping of stations. Because the AP 7161 supports cellular data offloading, the Zebra Wi-Fi network can be depended on to provide passengers with a seamless connection to the internet well into the future—no matter how deep they are underground.

More information about the AP 7161 Access Point:

  • Delivers enterprise-class networking in harshest of environments
  • Unique routing engine, MeshConnex™, and Opportunistic Radio Link Adaption (ORLA) ensure the highest possible data rates at all times, no matter how many passengers are involved 
  • Support for 3x3 MIIMO provides super-fast 300 Mbps data rate for high performance connections and increased transmission quality
  • Can thrive in very hot and very cold temperature ranges and gale force winds
  • Can handle dust and jetting water because it’s water and dust tight 

Stay tuned here for part three of the series, including more information about the NX9500 and Zebra WLAN. In the meantime, if you’d like to know how Zebra WLAN can fit your business’ unique needs, contact Supply Chain today. 

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