3 factors to consider when comparing VMU's for your business

VMU or Vehicle Mounted Units are specialized, rugged mobile computers that have become a staple for businesses that use forklifts in their day-to-day warehouse operations. Having mounted units on hand for their forklift operators has led to an increase in overall productivity and reduced the effects of product misplacement in warehouses.  If you are considering purchasing or upgrading to new VMUs for your operation, here are some factors that you should consider before making your purchase.

1. What are your warehouse temperatures?

Warehouse temperatures are a major factor for VMU's.  Knowing the condition of your warehouse can be the difference between making a purchase that will last you for years, and making a purchase that will only last you a few weeks.  A temperature controlled warehouse, will not have the same effects on a computer that a refrigerated or frozen storage warehouse will.  If you know that you will have a flux in temperatures in your warehouse you may want to consider a unit that is more suited for these conditions. 

2. What is the air quality of your warehouse?

Air quality in this sense does not mean how oxygen rich is the air in your environment.  What we are referring to is the amount of particulates in the air of your warehouse.  Does your warehouse need to have cardboard dust swept up daily?  Are external doors opened for long periods of times allowing outside dust and debris to enter the warehouse?  Dust and fine particulates can seep into a standard VMU and damage the internal electronics.

3. What kind of interface will your drivers be able to use efficiently?

Understanding WHO is going to be using the unit is just as important as knowing WHERE the unit is going to be used.  How well do you know your drivers and the challenges that they face everyday?  Does your facility require that drivers wear gloves at all times?  Could they effectively use a touchscreen only or will an attached keyboard be needed? Knowing the needs of your employees will only help to further catering to the needs of your customers.

There are many more factors to consider. Contact us and let us help you determine if VMUs are the right solution for your operations. 

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