6 Ways Small Warehouses Are Simplifying Order Fulfillment

Due to the recent e-commerce surge, it can be difficult for your business to keep up with the competition and continue growth, especially if you can’t find solutions that meet your budget. Additionally, according to recent warehouse studies, 80% of warehouse leaders believe modern tech is the key to competing in our on-demand economy. That only makes it more difficult to find a cost-effective solution that keeps up with current trends. As a result, more and more growing businesses are turning to optimization warehouse fulfillment solutions that let them do more with less while also shipping goods to customers faster.

Effectively manage your inventory and redefine in-store fulfillment with these simple steps that don’t disrupt your growing business:

  1. Start with strong inbound operations - Inbound operations should be your first priority because it is the first stage in the value chain and determines how your materials are stored and tracked. To prevent inventory from being misplaced or misidentified, incoming shipments should be readily tagged directly at the receiving dock. Amplify your front-line with mobility and real-time WMS access, so you can put away orders with rapid accuracy while assigning digital signatures to track goods. To make this step attainable, warehouses are implementing industrial-grade technology like Zebra’s ZT600 printers.
  2. Accurately move goods outbound - Load and ship cargo faster, safer and more efficiently with hands-free technology to increase throughout while leveraging natural muscle effort for less worker fatigue.
  3. Carefully choose scalable technology - Empower your employees with fast processors and apps. Faster applications accelerate order fulfillment since employees don’t have to struggle in adopting new interfaces. It also dramatically cuts digitization costs. Updated operating systems to Android and see real-time WMS information. Zebra’s MC9300 rugged computer exemplifies streamlined efficiency as it accommodates future-forward apps into Android’s open ecosystem for seamless scalability.
  4. Stay connected and be more productive - Change the way your business communicates with instant connections and maximized floor efficiency by working from anywhere.
  5. Track your inventory in real-time, anytime - Know where your inventory is on the spot and let technology do most of the work so you can stop relying on manual counts and virtually eliminate hunting for products.
  6. Automated data collection - You can create an efficient flow of data through your warehouse and vastly reduce errors with automated data collection.

Every business needs to find solutions that don’t disrupt its operations, which is why Supply Chain Services specializes in customized warehouse strategies. To see how these steps can enhance your operations, contact us for a free consultation about your current fulfillment solutions.

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