Are rugged tablets for barcoding worth the investment?

So you've decided to invest in a barcoding solution. Now you have to decide what kind of barcoding product will give you the best return on your investment. The number of options available makes it a difficult choice, and purchasing specialized equipment is the most expensive. However, there are plenty of reasons why this is the correct choice.

Imagine a situation: you make the decision that you are going to work with the least expensive option. You purchase a set of generic software that comes with apps for iPhone and android. You expect your employees to use their own cell phones to make use of your barcoding solution.

A few months in, and you're running into problems. The generic software you bought doesn't really work for your business, enjoy the budget is ballooning trying to create a customized scripts that you need. Even worse, smart phones really aren't designed to be used in a warehouse environment. Your employees are upset because their devices are being damaged and you have no choice except to pay for the repairs.

Rugged tablets for barcoding suddenly sound like a more reasonable expense, especially when paired with the software database that is customized to work with your individual business needs. While it might cost more money up front, working with these sorts of comprehensive products are a much better value for your business.

Working with a qualified professional can increase your value even further. With their specialized experience they can evaluate your needs and recommend the solution that best fits them. You won't have to worry that your final decision won't pan out in the long run.

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