Barcode label printers: is there better technology?

Picking and packing is finally moving quickly but there's a hold up with the barcodes. You've tweaked, pleaded and serviced the printer repeatedly but when it comes to printing shipping labels with barcodes, it's DOA! No worries, there is much better technology available without all the stress and hassle. Invest in barcode label printers that are both reliable and easy to use.

What can you expect?

Stationary or mobile? Traditional stationary printers are a good solution but what about going mobile? Could your business benefit from a mobile printer? It's a possibility. Get orders moving faster with mobile barcode technology--including printers.

Adjust printing for special label sizes. Do your bardcode printing needs vary according to the project? If so, there's technology for that! You can adjust sizes from wide to narrow, long or short all with a smooth finish. No more unreadable crunched up barcodes.

Scale the resolution for better details. You don't always need high-res details on your barcode labeling. Why not choose a printer that allows you to control and change the resolution according to the project?

Choose a printer that's right for your work environment. A rugged printer is idea for working in rough environments. Get high speed performance even in extreme temperatures, damp weather or when you are on the move.

Insist on accuracy. If your labeling process involves multiple do-overs, it is time to opt for an upgrade. Insist on greater accuracy in printing and in inventory tracking. No more wasted time recounting and reissuing endless labels. Your business needs fast, accurate every time printing for all your shipments and products.

Bardcode printer technology is always improving. Do you have the best product for your business? If you aren't sure, contact us for more information.

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