Barcode solutions integration facilitate growth

If there is anything that businesses have learned since the downturn of the economy, it is efficiency.  Businesses were forced to do more with less if they were to survive.

Every aspect of a supply chain had to be examined for inefficiencies to save the bottom line without investing unavailable capital.  As the economy begins to recover, a growth mindset has replaced a survival mindset.  Companies are operating more efficiently than they had in the past and are now looking to grab their slice of the pie as the economy rebounds. 


Integrating a barcode system can facilitate that growth.Without barcode technology, many supply chains are forced to use an archaic method of paper recording of product movement and annual physical inventories in which a data is entered into a stationary computer terminal. This is a time consuming process that makes it difficult to monitor real time inventory and product movement.  This process also opens up the chain for errors in shipping and receiving, lost inventory, and a slow order pick.  If a company were to take on additional orders and clients, the problem is compounded. 

Growth is therefore limited to the capacity of an inefficient inventory system.Barcode technology has grown leaps and bounds since its first use scanning a pack of gum in 1974.  Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland would be so proud to see their technological baby as a grown technological super-human. The benefits of current barcode technology are directly tied to the growth and survival of businesses. 

A small investment in barcode technology will allow businesses to grow and grab a larger slice of the pie than their competitors. Barcode inventory systems save time and errors as well as frees up warehousing space for additional orders and clients.  An automated inventory system will also allow for customized data collection and analysis which will in turn allow for m ore efficiency within the supply chain.  Remember, efficiency equals growth and growth is good. If you want to grow efficiently with barcode solutions contact Supply Chain Services.

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