The benefits of choosing to rent barcode scanners for inventory

Has it been awhile since your small business has taken inventory of your products? Taking inventory and proper inventory management are very important for small businesses. Knowing how much product you have on hand will allow you to make smart decisions regarding when to order new products and get a clearer picture of the financial standing of your business. Barcode scanners can make the inventory taking process much more seamless. Companies that rent a barcode scanner have more accurate results, a quicker process, and save money in employee costs.

Accurate Results

When you use barcode scanners for taking inventory, you can be sure that you are getting accurate results. Errors happen frequently when counting by hand, and companies that rent scanners for inventory end up with a more accurate picture of what they have on hand. Knowing for certain that you have a certain amount of product on hand will allow you to make better decisions when ordering and better spend available funds.

A Fast Process

Counting your inventory on hand can take 12 hours, even with a team of a few people. A barcode scanner will allow you to get through the process much more quickly. Barcode scanners allow your team to quickly scan the barcode of any product you have on hand, and keep a running count of the total number scanned. No more losing count in the middle of a stack and having to start over!

Save Money

Because barcode scanners will greatly reduce the time it takes your team to finish inventory, you can save a great deal of money on employee costs. When the entire project takes two employees just four hours instead of three employees taking eight, that alone is a huge savings for your brick and mortar business.

If you would like to rent scanners for inventory taking purposes, please reach out and contact us today. We can walk you through the process of getting your barcode scanner setup, and help you to take quick and accurate inventory of your stock.

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