Business Process Reengineering Removes Inefficiencies

Business process reengineering is the examination and restructuring of a business process so it is more efficient and less error-prone. This discipline is vital to an ongoing effort to improve process control and results.

How it works

Business process reengineering involves studying how a process currently functions, examining it for needed improvement, and rebuilding it by applying best practices. It works this way:

  • A Supply Chain Services engineer arrives onsite to study the process and workflow in action, interview the involved workers, understand the business requirements, and inspect critical related data (e.g., systems/applications information, documents, labels, and pictures)
  • The engineer breaks down the process and rebuilds it for improvement, communicating with customer resources as needed
  • The engineer develops a report that details recommended practices and an improved workflow for the process
  • The Supply Chain Services team meets with the customer to discuss the report and determine next steps

How it helps

Business process reengineering offers the following results that improve a process:

  • Poka-yoke (mistake-proof) the process to result in zero defects, often through automation
  • Optimize process efficiency
  • Reduce lost/misplaced resources
  • Harvest time savings from streamlining the process
  • Make process results more accurate
  • Increase visibility into, timeliness of, and reliability from process
  • Create new solutions unbiased by current system limitations and perspectives

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