Depot management keeps operations moving when the unexpected occurs

In today’s business environment, there’s more pressure than ever to keep materials moving quickly and efficiently. Barcode scanning devices are key to materials management. If that link in the supply chain breaks, operations stop and customers become dissatisfied. Reputations and profits can suffer.

Depot management is one smart way businesses balance the need for backup with cost-effectiveness. A pool of spare barcode scanners, mobile computers and/or label printers is set aside exclusively for you, pre-configured for your operation. If a device in the warehouse or in the field is lost, stolen or breaks down, another is shipped out that same day, so downtime is minimized. Non-functioning devices are repaired or replaced, configured and returned to the pool of spare devices.

Operations like warehousing and distribution need to get the maximum uptime from their labor force. Many companies rely on their IT departments to respond when a barcoding device breaks down, but that can be impractical:

  • IT may be in a different location and unable to respond quickly
  • They may not be trained to repair devices
  • There may be other projects that are a priority

At Supply Chain Services, our depot management team makes your request their number one priority.

If your business is affected by a disaster, depot management services can help you recover. Your backup data is restored to the devices, which are ready to be put back to work.

Depot management is a tool that keeps operations moving and ensures your customers stay happy. If you think depot management may be an option for your business, contact your Supply Chain Services representative or call 866-205-4310 ( for more information.

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