Do handheld barcode scanners really work?

There are a lot of times when you will find that dealing with barcodes can take a bit of work. The products you use need to be able to help you get the work done quickly to save time and money. A handheld barcode scanner may be what you need to work with all of your inventory. Here's some information on how using a handheld scanner can help you.

While you may want to use automation to get work done, you can also give your employees barcode scanners so that when products come in you can add them to your inventory database. The scanners that are available are fairly easy to use, so all you would have to do is get a feel for what to do with one and then pass that information onto others. The software that the handheld scanners use make the process as easy as scanning a barcode, and then it also needs to know if this is a product coming in or going out.

Check into the various options that are out there for these kinds of barcode scanners so you can figure out what the best price and options are. Today there are 1D, 2D and imaging scanners for short and long distances and more complex barcode symbologies. Try to learn which ones will work with your inventory system, or just make it a point to learn from our company what we think will work for you. When a barcode scanner comes to you it will have an operating system on it much like a small handheld computer. The best device for your needs will work right out of the box.

Try to select a handheld wireless barcode scanner, and make sure you get a few extra to have as spares in case one goes down. That way, if an employee notices that they're using something that's about to run out of batteries, they can place that one on the charger and take the already charged one and keep working. If you're in a smaller space and the corded one will work for you, it could make it to where you don't have to worry about charging. However, if you have a lot to scan and need to move around a lot it could present issues.

The best way to get a barcode system into place that uses a handheld scanner to do a lot of the work is to contact us at Supply Chain Services. We have been working with these kinds of systems for quite some time and have the right knowledge to hook you up with what you need. Every business that wants to get more done should be looking into this kind of an option.

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