Empower Traceability with Electronic Temperature Sensors

Safely managing sensitive products like food and vaccines during shipping is a difficult task. It’s hard to tell the temperature and safety of your products when they are on the move, and if you don’t have the right technology, they can be exposed to inefficient temperatures. This can quickly escalate the number of bacteria that cause foodborne illness, which doubles every 20 minutes. As a result, temperature tracking has become vital to prevent spoilage, financial loss, and inefficient product management.

At Supply Chain Services, we provide the latest temperature tracking solutions such as Zebra’s Electronic Temperature Monitoring to give you the data necessary to make decisions for on-the-move shipments. Give your business the technology it needs to enhance traceability and keep your products safe during shipments.


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Redefine simplicity and practicality for temperature tracking with portable technology like Zebra’s Electronic Temperature Sensor, so you can monitor cold chain performance for temperature-sensitive products, without compromising packaging integrity. This sensor is easy-to-use, practical, and saves on cost, all while equipping cold chains with:


  1. Wireless temperature tracking on your smartphone, tablet, or fixed gateway for temperature sensitive products like food and vaccines. This helps prevent recalls on products and enhances traceability.
  2. EdgeVUE App for mobile device monitoring that automatically connects sensors within Bluetooth range, uses smartphone GPS to track routes with detailed information, and connects sensors to monitor data in real-time anywhere along the delivery route.
  3. Bluetooth-enabled temperature sensor to offer robust mobile connectivity and data-sharing, so your biological products are secured and monitored throughout the process.
  4. Internal sensor and memory for 16,000 data points
  5. Single or multi-use with up to 12-month battery life
  6. Maximize your data recording and retrieving through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment, and temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing your environment’s integrity.


Don’t spoil your warehouse productivity by choosing the wrong shipping solutions.


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