Extreme conditions? A rugged computer is the solution

Having equipment that can stand up to daily abuses is essential in the warehouse and distribution center fields. Equipment breakage can reduce productivity and cost your company money. For a solution with great flexibility and options, companies might consider a rugged mobile computer for their barcode, inventory, and other needs. Advantages

  • A rugged computer can be used for a wide variety of tasks besides just inventory and barcoding.
  • They can take a bump.  Typical lap tops are pretty fragile. Combine that with concrete floors and all the activity occurring in a warehouse and it becomes easy to see that a rugged laptop will be more cost effective over time. Replacing computer can really add up over time.
  • Handles temperature extremes, vibration, and more. This means your computer will work well under conditions that other computers cannot.
  • Vehicle mounted options are available. Picking and packing orders has never been easier since drivers are guided every step of the way so many of the mistakes that can occur in a busy warehouse setting are reduced.
  • You can expect great support from Supply Chain Services experts.  No matter what combination of rugged computers you might have, we can make sure that you have the support you need to get the most out of your computer systems.
  • Rugged computers have great battery life with fast recharge times. This means that your computer will keep performing on even the really long and busy work days.
  • Rugged computers have special ingress protection so dirt, oil, grease, water, and food particulates cannot become trapped in the device. 
  • The right rugged computer will run all the software applications that you need so your business runs smoothly. In the past many options available did not have the computing capacity to run a wide array of software programs. 

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