Food traceability solutions by InterMec can boost your bottom line

So you manufacture food products. You may have noticed that the industry (and its regulations) continue to get more complicated. You’ve heard that food traceability is the way to go to gain efficiencies in your warehouses and increase customer satisfaction, but you aren’t sure how to start. Supply Chain Services is here to help.

Food traceability programs can help achieve rapid responses to potential product recalls---but you probably already know that. What’s weighing more heavily on your mind is the fact that all of these FDA and industry mandates coming from increased public health concerns are significantly increasing your operational costs. You also know that large retailers will soon (if they haven’t already) require your compliance with these mandates on their own schedule and terms.

Some of your challenges in implementing a food traceability solution might be getting support on board, funding user training and admin costs, obtaining WLAN coverage and security, securing reliable devices and a reliable partner for the solution, investing in IT infrastructure, ensuring scalability and determining equipment/consumables cost management.

So here’s your solution: At Supply Chain Services and Intermec, we understand the demands you’re facing from customers and legislation, and we understand that when you choose a partner and a solution, you need something that’s cost-effective. You also want to ensure your solution meets future compliance goals and helps you improve your operational efficiency and bottom line. We have a deep understanding of all of these issues, and we provide complete, affordable traceability solutions.

When you choose Intermec and Supply Chain Services, including our rugged devices and their related software products, you’ll have real-time access to your product data for fast, improved decision making. You can ensure your food is of the highest quality, meets all the rules and pleases customers—eventually increasing your greater bottom line. For more information on these solutions, contact Supply Chain Services today. 

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