Handheld barcode scanners make data collecting easy

Barcode solutions are an essential element for successful and effective inventory and asset tracking systems.  Asset tracking is a way to control inventory and utilize resources to the fullest potential.  Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) tools, such as a handheld barcode scanner, will make an asset tracking system faster, easier, and more effective. 

A modern handheld barcode scanner offers many benefits.  It is durable and, with cordless options and wireless connectivity, a handheld barcode scanner can be used outside, even in inclement weather.

Handheld barcode scanners are practical in many different situations.  They can be used for a myriad of applications from tracking equipment maintenance to inventory tracking to order fulfillment barcode scanning.  They are also used in a variety of work environments including:  manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and warehouses.

The applications of a handheld barcode scanner in a warehouse alone are practically limitless.  They can be used to order supplies, make processing more effective, and manage inventory.  They are even used by the oil and gas industry and utility companies to keep accurate maintenance records, manage resources in the field, and maintain large databases of information.

There are several questions that must be answered when deciding which handheld barcode scanner is right for your business or industry. 

First, will the barcode scanner be used outdoor or exclusively inside?  This will impact how rugged the scanner should be, the distance it will be scanning, the type of barcode being scanning, the lighting specifications, and if the most appropriate model is wireless or corded.  Also, if scanning is done outside in harsh weather conditions, a waterproof and exceptionally rugged model will be necessary.

Second, how often will the scanner be used?  If the scanner will be used for hours at a time, battery life or corded options need to be considered.  Some models are also able to scan and process data more rapidly than other. 

For more information about data collection systems and handheld barcode scanners, please contact us.  We will conduct a needs analysis with a technical specialist from Supply Chain Services to help you decide which scanner is right for your business.

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