How Honeywell's Mobility Edge™ Will Transform Your Operations

Would your company benefit from a unified mobile device platform that offers the longest security lifecycle in the industry? Are you interested in a seamlessly integrated enterprise mobility environment? Are you looking to drive revenue with more agility and less risk? If your answer is yes, yes and yes, Supply Chain Services has the solution - the Mobility Edge™ platform by Honeywell. Plus, at Supply Chain Services, we have the technical expertise to help you implement this dynamic hardware and software platform and transform your mobile operations into a synergetic and cohesive ecosystem.

Designed for Android, the Mobility Edge platform offers a faster, smarter and easier way to deploy and manage mobile solutions. Integrated Operational Intelligence enables devices to be monitored with automated, real-time feedback. Simply stated, this significantly reduces developmental, maintenance and upgrade expenses, substantially impacting your TCO.


Let’s review some key benefits of the Mobility Edge platform:

  • Standardized on Android
  • Common for all form factors
  • Designed for rapid and easy app development, testing, provisioning and deployment
  • Secure and rapid access to the latest OS security patches and extended support
  • Optimized productivity and efficiency
  • Forward-compatible and future-proof for maximized TCO
  • Extended product lifecycle


Now let’s delve into these powerful features in more detail.

  1. Accelerated Deployments

By validating all mobile devices just once and deploying throughout the entire enterprise, you save both time and money. Mobility Edge expedites development, certification, setup and training through a rapid provisioning suite and versatile capabilities.

  1. Optimized Business Performance

Powerful embedded tools throughout the platform drive faster data capture and secure worker communications, leading to an intuitive user experience. This facilitates user adoption, enabling employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

  1. Extended Security Lifecycle

Mobility Edge can support twice as many operating system upgrades as its competitors via enterprise-wide patch releases and future-proof hardware. Support through Android R ensures the longest security lifecycle available today.

  1. Strengthened Security

Say farewell to fragmented mobile computing and hello to a dynamic hardware and software platform that delivers agility, integration, security, scalability and consistency across your entire mobile environment.


Another essential factor is identifying compatible mobility devices that augment the Mobility Edge platform. Supply Chain Services can help you select the products that align with your business goals and promote flawless integration, streamlined efficiencies, ease of use and increased savings.

Recommended products built on the Mobility Edge platform include:

  1. CT40 Mobile Computer
  • Sleek, ergonomic and easy to use all day, with long battery life for extended productivity
  • Seamless integration and investment protection with easy compatibility
  • Advanced data capture scanning
  1. CT60 Mobile Computer
  • Optimal power and all-day connectivity
  • Next generation 2D image scanning and optional scan handle (handheld and pistol grip)
  • Rugged, ergonomic design, fits easily into a pocket and withstands multiple drops
  1. CN80 Mobile Computer
  • Built to last – withstanding 10’ drops to concrete
  • Key and touchscreen options with fast and easy data entry
  • Enhanced 1D/2D scanning/data capture options with read ranges of 6” to 50’ 
  • Extended battery life and talk times
  1. CK65 Mobile Computer
  • Best-in-class drop rating
  • Support for touchscreen and keypad
  • Superior Wi-F for reliable, drop-free connections
  • 28 hours of battery life
  • Backward-compatibility
  1. ThorVM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer
  • Field-replaceable front panel, enabling in-house repairs
  • Smart dock for easy mounting and removal
  • Fast processor, WLAN connectivity, integrated keyboard, ignition control feature and large 8-inch touchscreen
  • Cold storage option, able to withstand extreme temperatures and rugged conditions


If you’re ready to implement a unified mobile device platform that will inspire cohesion and efficiency throughout your enterprise, then you’re ready for the Mobility Edge platform. Contact a Supply Chain Services representative today, so we can conduct a free evaluation of your mobile environment and help you integrate products and solutions that will improve productivity, streamline processes and drive profitability.

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