How vehicle mount computers can best serve your company

There are a multitude of ways to improve your company's mobile operations. As soon as your employees hit the warehouse floor, you want them to be connected in as many was as possible in order to minimize the number of times they need to return to the home base. 

Vehicle mount computers are outstanding in this arena - while mobile computers are a widely accepted way to keep your company’s material handling processes moving while mobile, don't discount the VMC just yet. Here are three reasons why you should consider mounting a computer in all of your vehicles. 


The ruggedness and durability of a computer is outstanding compared to a cell phone, making it a tremendous investment for any size company. With developments in stronger and sturdier casings, vehicle mounted computers are lasting even longer, giving your company an even stronger foothold in their technology investment. Read more about the Honeywell solutions we offer and their outstanding ruggedness.


Unlike small handheld mobile devices, mounted computers allow your employees to see everything they need on a wide screen. No more squinting at tiny screens or deciphering pixelated text - with designated computer space, your employees have the experience of a desktop screen at their side. We offer prime small-space VMCs from Zebra, Honeywell and JLT


Regardless of the environment, your vehicle mounted computer will provide you with reliable and up-to-the-minute data. Whether you're sending your employees out into a dry and windy area or they're on the warehouse floor and experiencing harsh vibrations and extreme cold, your VMC has the mobile technology to support its work. But the most important advantage of VMCs is that they allow forklift drivers to track and capture data about picking and put-away of inventory without leaving the vehicle and wasting valuable time. 

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