Increase productivity with upgraded logistics technology

Logistics companies that deal with products, containers, documents, and packages use data collection tools to transmit input information from a bar code to a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Whether you're dealing with inventory, picking, packaging, or data, a bar code is an important tool for these types of jobs. Without a properly working bar code scanner or rugged mobile computer, productivity slows, errors occur, and a piece of equipment will be left sitting around idle. Having the best bar code and mobility technologies for your business will help improve process flows, increase productivity and ensure reliable equipment for employees who work with logistics technology.

Check for wear and tear

The best way to replace equipment is checking for wear and tear and frequent repair, or upgrading outdated equipment. You can check for wear and tear by having employees fill out a checklist of any and all equipment that isn't working properly. The cost of replacing the device will often help increase productivity and reduce costs. If the outdated equipment causes production to slow down, maybe it's time to check into a technology refresh. With the advent of more sophisticated software and bar code devices-like your home computers-have had to keep pace by increasing processor speeds, memory, and wireless bandwidth.

Replace outdated equipment

Companies who use rugged mobile computers for material handling processes, communication and managing orders, inventory, and personnel, may have trouble if they’re not performing correctly, or need upgrades.  Every so often companies that use rugged mobile computers should update when there is a new upgrade available, when it doesn't work properly, when damaged beyond repair, or when parts and replacements are no longer available.

Update software

Some commonly used software programs in logistics are WMS, transportation management system (TMS), and asset management and tracking. Sometimes checking for updates, and new features, can help employees use the software more efficiently. Likewise, rugged mobile computers can slow down, freeze up, and stop working due to system failures and not having proper firmware updates.

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