Introducing Label Verification with Honeywell's PX940 Industrial Printer

Are you ready for a revolution in industrial printing? We’re talking next generation precision printing, simplicity and efficiency, with the ability to increase productivity and reduce operational expenses. If you’re ready to take your printing to the next level, it’s time to meet the all new Honeywell PX940 industrial printer series with integrated label verification.

If you’re a skeptic - because it sounds too good to be true – today’s the day you become a believer. The PX940 family of high-performance industrial printers with integrated label verification technology claims error-free printing. And it delivers. The PX940 series, which includes the PX940A (productivity version) and the PX940V (verifier version with an integrated barcode verification module) print barcodes that are defect-free and 100% accurate. Every. Single. Time.


But don’t just take our word for it. Proof is in the performance.


  1. Defect-Free Labels

Integrated label verification technology reviews and ensures that labels print accurately every time. Instant pass or fail notifications and ANSI grades from 1 to 4 are provided for each print job. The PX940 error-free printing was developed to help companies who are subject to fines levied for non-compliance with regulatory standards, as well as returned shipments due to illegible barcodes. This kind of groundbreaking printing perfection has substantial positive ramifications on operational efficiency, worker productivity and overall savings.

  1. Precision Printing for Small Labels

The PX940 series delivers precise printing of up to +/- 0.3mm (.012 in), ultimately eliminating poor quality and illegible labels and barcodes. With the PX40, inadequate labels that do not meet an established threshold are voided, and a new label is reprinted. The PX940 prints so accurately on small labels, edge to edge, there is little error tolerance.

  1. Intelligent Asset Management and Monitoring

Operational Intelligence software provides predictive analytics to aid managers in overseeing the entire printer fleet. This proactive approach prevents performance issues and maximizes productivity. PX940 industrial printers are specifically designed for:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Shipping and Distribution Centers
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Automotive Parts Suppliers
  1. PC Is Not Required

Smart printing capabilities allow configuration directly on the printer, without the need for a host computer. Additional key features include:

  • Bluetooth® and Smart Printing capabilities
  • USB device port to connect to a PC
  • Support for printer command languages
  • USB host port for connecting storage devices, keyboards and scanners
  1. Intuitive to Use and Easy to Maintain

With a color multilingual touchscreen interface and quick side-loading design, the PX40 printers are intuitive and easy to use. A built-in printhead cleaning routine also ensures simple maintenance and optimal print quality with loner printhead life.


So, if you’re ready to streamline your industrial printing operations, boost productivity and guarantee accuracy and compliance, contact a Supply Chain Services Representative today. We can equip you with a free PX940 demo unit and answer any questions you have about the printer series that is revolutionizing industrial printing as we know it.

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