It's the right time to switch to Android™.

Time is running out. We are mere months away from the end of support for legacy Windows and the imminent necessity to migrate to a new mobile operating system. The challenges associated with losing mainstream support and the precarious nature of patches, new releases and erratic support coverage - not to mention new apps, adapting workflows and changing mobile devices - can be overwhelming at best. But implementing a transition plan for a multitude of devices and operating systems across your entire enterprise is daunting for even the most technically savvy.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. Supply Chain Services has the technical expertise and training to support and guide you through this migration and help you transition quickly, easily and with minimal disruption to daily operations. At Supply Chain Services, we are the right partner with the right solution, and now is the right time to turn the complex operating system migration into a seamless transformation that will ensure stability and cohesion throughout your entire organization.


Right Time

January 2020 is just around the corner, and Microsoft EOS leaves Windows embedded devices vulnerable to security threats. Proactively implementing an operating system migration plan enables enterprises to work smarter and more efficiently with next-generation OS, devices and applications. It’s the right time to redefine mobility.


Right Partner

Supply Chain Services has a veteran team who are skilled and trained to help you evaluate, design and execute a successful OS transition plan, resulting in seamless connectivity, dependable security and lower TCO. Deploying a strategic migration plan doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. When done right, with the right partner, it can increase ROI and drive profitability.


Right Solution

Implementing the right OS solution will empower a secure, flexible and connected mobile workforce. Equally important, the right operating system must provide built-in security to protect enterprise devices, data and apps.

Given its large market share and extensive ecosystem of apps, developers and VARs, Android has evolved as the prevalent operating system for workforce enterprises, and for good reason. Let’s review three fundamental reasons why Android is the smart choice for your OS transition plan.

  1. Security

Alleviating security vulnerabilities and protecting vital data are top priorities on everyone’s OS solutions checklist. Android delivers the highest level of security by deploying application isolation and exploit mitigation techniques. Users can also implement lockdown techniques through mobile device management to further reduce the risk of malware intrusion. Simply stated, this limits what the user can do and what apps can run on the system.

  1. Added Features

Android Enterprise has added features, like (1) bulk provisioning to speed device setup, (2) device owner mode to allow fully managed devices at the corporate level, (3) encryption enabled by default to protect personal and corporate data and (4) always-on VPN.

  1. Compatible Hardware

Selecting the right hardware is crucial. The best choice is hardware that can support multiple operating systems that allow existing legacy applications to continue running until your entire enterprise is ready to transition to Android. An experienced Supply Chain Services Representative can recommend the right hardware to meet your specific enterprise mobility management needs.


Embrace the Future

Now is the time to embrace the change and count on Supply Chain Services to deliver flawless OS migration support. Contact us today at 866-205-4310 for a free evaluation of your environment so we can provide innovative, yet easy to implement solutions that will help you boost productivity, enhance security and drive revenue.

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