JLT Verso+ announces mobile computer upgrades

On October 8th, the Swedish manufacturer, JLT Mobile Computers, rolled out the first of their upgraded JLT Verso  vehicle mounted terminals designed for rugged use and operation in challenging industrial environments. 

As reported by Globe Newswire, both the VERSO 12 and VERSO 15 rugged computers now come with two high performance processor options. The base model's processor has been upgraded to the quad-core Intel® E3845 (also known as Bay Trail), providing a 2.5x performance increase over its predecessor. For the most demanding applications, the VERSO 12 and VERSO 15 computers can also be specified with the Intel Core(TM) i5-4300U processor (also known as Haswell) providing a 2.5 to 4.0 times performance increase over its predecessor."

More industries are moving to perpetual inventory systems that minimize the need for storage and increase the speed of shipping and receiving. To stay competitive, it is important to invest in new and more efficient inventory management systems like the Versa series of mobile computers available through Supply Chain Services. In this era of e-commerce, customers expect accurate order fulfillment, as well as the ability to track shipments and communicate with vendors quickly in the event of errors. JLT's vehicle mounted wireless ready computers make this faster and easier than ever before. 

JLT Verso mobile computers easily attach to a forklift and can withstand the vibrations during operation, as well as high heat and extreme cold. In addition, the sensitive screens are responsive to gloved hands and virtually unbreakable. Warehouse employees scanning barcodes, cross-docking in harsh weather or picking and binning in freezer units won't have to stop every ten minutes to warm the unit back up. Correcting counts, receiving, prioritizing and filling large orders can now be done more accurately, without having to take extra time to use a handheld unit or spend extra man hours re-binning freight picked in error.

Is your company ready to tackle new markets and respond to the changing face of supply chain management? Contact us at Supply Chain Services to find out how to quickly and efficiently manage inventory with JLT's tough, reliable, wireless-ready equipment. 

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