Keeping Up With Changing Technology

One of the most challenging aspects of any technical job is keeping up with the constant ebb and flow of technology. In the IT world, the technology you use changes quickly and part of the job is to keep up with the current trends and determine what new technology will be useful in your industry. Here at Supply Chain Services we are no different. As vendors upgrade their devices and release new technology we are constantly defining what we need to do to keep up. These past few months brought about a major change to the software in our industry. For many Windows, particularly Windows Mobile and Windows CE, has been the major developer of operating systems for the mobile and mounted devices we work on. Recently however, various Android OS and full versions of Windows 7 and Windows 10 have taken over.

This presented a unique challenge for the technical team at Supply Chain, we spent years becoming experts in the Windows Mobile and CE world and are now finding that a large part of that knowledge no longer applies. It created the need for us to go back to the drawing board and re-learn new tips and tricks, different from the ones we had used for years. However, we have taken great strides to get ourselves up to speed. In the past six months we invited JLT Mobile visit our facility to give a training on full Windows 7 and Windows 10, we sent three of our technicians to Florida for a multi-course on android and many of us have taken our own time to learn about the new operating systems. So, while new technology presents a challenge, it also presents a unique opportunity for us to learn, become experts in a new field and help our customers operate better. For many IT technicians that is what the job is all about.

  -Luke Bock, Senior IT Specialist

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