Manage your operations with Honeywell as a Service

No matter which way you slice it, your business’ hardware and software are often the very lifeline to its performance. Whether your focus is retail, direct store delivery, postal/parcel, warehousing or beyond, maintaining relevance, efficiency, and profitability are all tethered directly to your productivity solutions. How is your business managing the life cycle of its hardware and software? 

Honeywell as a Service (HaaS) is designed to provide equipment, software, and service solutions to businesses like your own—ensuring that as your business evolves, so can the behind-the-scenes interface. Staying up-to-date and tech-relevant has never been easier.  


The Benefits of HaaS: 

  • One monthly payment for the entire solution

Streamline and simplify the demands on your accounts payable and IT departments. With HaaS, one monthly payment covers the gamut of your productivity solutions. 

  • Easy upgrading and refreshing

The inevitable time for upgrading and refreshing your solutions will come, and HaaS makes that transition a breeze. 

  • Equipment management 

Included in your HaaS contract is the Circadia Asset Management System, giving you and your team access to all the data that drives profitability. 

  • Risk mitigation

When purchasing equipment, the risks surrounding equipment failure or data destruction immediately increase. HaaS protects your business by mitigating those risks. 

  • Cash flow optimization 

The cost and cash associated with purchasing equipment and software outright can be enormous—HaaS significantly reduces those upfront costs. Leasing and/or financing the equipment grew 12.6% in 2016. 


Getting HaaS for your business 

The road to streamlining your productivity with HaaS is easy. The service has been created to accommodate businesses with transaction streams between $50,000 and $10 million, a commitment of a 36 to 60-month contract, and a minimum of a $50,000 order value. Our team will run a pre-screening credit check, and upon approval, we will begin formulating your solution. 

Contact your Supply Chain Services Representative today, for a free evaluation of your mobile environment and see if you qualify for the Honeywell as a Service solution. See how we can help you optimize your operations, improve productivity, streamline processes and drive profitability.


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