Managed Mobile Services are a whole new ball game when it Ccomes to materials management technology

Managed Mobile Services has become a hot topic for corporations recently because of issues like:

  • Limited IT resources
  • Minimizing the impact of downtime
  • Employees merging their personal and business lives on their devices
  • Mobile device security to protect against unauthorized access to data and systems
  • The need for employer device monitoring and remote control (for locks and data wipes)
  • Ensuring device security and safety

However when companies are part of a supply chain, they rely on their mobile devices to:

  • Collect order information
  • Store and classify volumes of inventory information
  • Manage various elements and stages of the supply chain
  • Foster team collaboration
  • Manage several work calendars

If you own or manage a supply chain business, rugged mobile computer breakdown can damage both your business' profitability and your reputation. Unfortunately, rugged mobile computer issues can quickly turn into disruption and mismanagement throughout the supply chain, causing your business to lose productivity, deliver products late and get orders wrong.

It's essential for businesses that are part of a supply chain to have a different sort of managed mobile services solution. Typically, IT teams just don't have the time, industry specific skills or training to understand your unique security and restoration needs.

Managed Mobile Services for Supply Chain Management Technology 

Project Management - a complete assessment of your unique business situation to determine your requirements and how best to implement your project.

Wireless Networking - design and support for your wireless network ensuring maximum coverage, uptime and capacity in a completely secure environment.

Configuration and Deployment - there's no BYOD policy here, nor can employees use these devices for their personal interests; putting your company data at risk. Your managed mobile services team determines what devices are appropriate for your business' needs and programs the devices for security, disaster recovery and seamless integration with your projects.

Training - your managed mobile services team will train your staff on device use and best safety practices, to keep company data secure throughout the manufacturing, distribution and warehousing processes for maximum functionality.

Support Desk Services - your managed services team should always staff their helpdesk with live people who are always available for incident reports and any issues you or your staff may have. This is the only way they can quickly respond to your company needs.

Depot Management - disaster recovery is also a huge issue when it comes to mobile devices. Your mobile managed services team should quickly remedy the situation if devices are lost, stolen or fail to work properly. This entails quick device repair and restoration with backed up data, or if need be, complete device replacement. The company would then load the new device with the backed up information.

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