The most important barcode scanner features

The quality of the barcode scanning device itself is every bit as important to the enterprise as the networks it communicates with.  A quality barcode scanner needs to be reliable, durable, usable and flexible, with a variety of features included in each unit. Equally important to any enterprise investment is the support for the technology. The Zebra TC70 rugged mobile computer is one such quality enterprise-grade unit, with the Zebra (formerly Motorola Solutions) name on the front and Supply Chain Services support behind it.

The TC70 runs the Android (KitKat) operating system, so end-users will become more comfortable with the interface more readily. Because it's Android, it's extensible, secure for company data, and ready to work online. According to a ComputerWorld review, Zebra plans long-term support for the unit, which means long-term reliability is built in.

In addition to barcode scanner functionality, the TC70 can operate as a digital camera, radio and video camera. Your employees will not need to carry multiple devices or be out of contact on the factory, retail or warehouse floor.  It's also rugged. Corning Gorilla Glass and a drop-tested housing makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use, water resistance, durability, and ready for the physical demands of back-office environments. As a comprehensive premier rugged handheld computer for the backroom, the TC70 can be further extended with external accessories from a stylus to a magstripe reader, and near field communications (NFC) are included. So as technology advances your equipment will not become obsolete.

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