The Next Step in the Digital Enterprise: Asset Intelligence

These days, we’re all living and working in a connected world where technology is increasingly imbedded in everything we do. In the enterprise, we’ve seen a large-scale conversion from physical to digital in our workflows and in the tracking of location, movement, and status of our assets, people, and transactions.

The devices, systems, and solutions we’ve used to make this digital transformation have created enormous opportunities to convert the data and information they capture into actionable insights that help us not only understand our business and our processes better, but also make more informed decisions to improve overall business performance.

However, until recently, harnessing all that data and information has been more of a dream than reality. Extracting and analyzing data from connected devices and systems can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you don’t have solutions that can automate that process.

But the dream is now becoming reality with the introduction of Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI).

EAI is the concept behind Zebra Technologies’ successful efforts to converge the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices, and cloud computing to deliver automated and real-time business and asset intelligence.

Using data capture devices, radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors, and cameras, Zebra securely extracts the data and information that these connected devices “sense,” such as packages moving through a supply chain, production machine output in a factory, or the activity of workers in a warehouse or shoppers in a store.

The challenge is to bring all this data together and analyze it, so we can use the resulting insights to drive better and more timely decisions, improve productivity and efficiency, and deliver better customer service.

This is where Zebra has stepped in as a leading catalyst. Zebra originally started out as a barcoding company in 1969, and has gone on to become a global leader in data capture and mobile computing with its many technology solutions.

To leverage the power of the data its solutions can capture, Zebra has evolved in recent years into a developer of EAI, IoT, and analytics solutions and software, not just a provider of barcoding and data capture devices.

Zebra now develops the tools to integrate data collection, cloud technology, and mobility into an Intelligent Enterprise platform that automates analytics and delivery of business-critical insights.

For example, Zebra’s SmartLens for Retail solution combines multi-technology sensors, a data analytics engine, and software applications to turn retail stores into smart stores that automatically sense and record the location and movement of inventory and merchandise in the backroom, on the sales floor, at the point of sale, or through entry and exit points.

Similarly, Zebra’s SmartPack Trailer solution uses mobile computers, 3D sensors, cameras, software, and analytics to deliver real-time insights and visibility into truck loading processes, personnel, and assets. It captures data on trailer load density, load quality, and the number of packages scanned and loaded per hour, to help transportation and logistics companies by eliminating wasted trailer space and reducing their shipping, fuel, and labor costs.

In both cases, Zebra uses devices embedded with chipsets to securely extract data and then store and analyze it via the cloud or on an on-premise infrastructure, including integration with ERP, WMS, and other systems and software.

Zebra is developing many other EAI solutions as well, working actively with leading global companies and technology partners such as Supply Chain Services.


To learn more about EAI and how you can team up with Zebra and Supply Chain Services to get real-time and actionable insights into your assets, people, and transactions, contact us now for a free consultation.

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