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Whether it’s applying a label or printing directly on a product or package, automation is key. Not only is it faster and saves you money, it provides six key advantages for your business.

Advantages in automation

The top reasons to automate your labeling and printing solutions are simple, but impactful.

  1. ROI—the small investment to automate your labeling and printing solutions can lead to big benefits, regardless of your operation size
  2. Compliance—automation ensures consistency in label or print placement, ensuring standards are met and keeping you compliant
  3. Tracking—automation cuts down on human error, which means barcodes are always readable and accurate for easier tracking
  4. Throughput—labeling or printing on your products is faster with fewer errors and less downtime
  5. Branding—products and packages have a consistent, professional appearance
  6. Productivity—the right automated labeling or printing solution streamlines your process and gives you flexibility to make changes quickly and efficiently









The value of automation is undeniable for businesses of any size, so how can Supply Chain Services help you get set up with automation, or optimize your current automated labeling or printing process?

Automated labeling and printing with Supply Chain Services

There are many ways to label a product or package, and Supply Chain Services has the team to help you find the right solution for your business. We offer three automated solutions for your labeling and printing needs.

  1. Print & apply—this system prints on direct thermal or thermal transfer labels and automatically applies them to your product, package or pallet
  2. Decorative—this system works with semi-automatic or fully automated in-line systems and automatically applies colorful, pre-printed labels to products, packages or pallets
  3. Inkjet—this printing system replaces paper labels by printing directly onto your product, packages or pallets and matches inks for the highest quality print

Need help with a solution for your business? The experts at Supply Chain Services are here to evaluate your current process, and get you started in automated labeling and printing.

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