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In today’s fast-paced digital world, having your business information at your finger tips is more vital than ever. No longer are these technologies tied to a desk or office. Mobile computing is transforming every industry. Warehouse, logistics and distributioncompanies are among the many businesses utilizing this technology on the go. Taking the office wherever it needs to be; on deliveries orin the warehouse. To optimize your business you can count on Zebra Technology’s products. Here are just a few examples of the options available:

The TC75 is an industrial-grade Android device. Think of it as your smart phone, only with super hero powers! This device is completely mobile; take it wherever work takes you. You will be able to get work done quickly and efficiently with the 4G LTE connection equipped on this model. The 8 mega pixel camera allows for high-resolution photos, signatures and video. Think of the possibilities this can mean for a business. From the delivery driver being able to take quality pictures of a product damage on the spot to the maintenance engineer taking a video of the progress on an equipment repair; the possibilities are endless. Sound is also of superior quality on the TC75. It offers four times the loudness of popular smart phones and utilizes noise canceling technology. Noisy environments will not be issue when communicating on this device. The TC75 will also scan bar-codes, both 1-D and 2-D formats very quickly, no matter the condition. Take it on the go, in the most harsh conditions. It is sealed and resists dust and can survive complete immersion in water.

Another excellent product is the WT41NO wearable computer. This product is geared towards hands-free material handling processes. This wearable device is often paired with a cordless ring scanner that enhances productivity for picking. It has the sleekest design that helps workers in the warehouse become comfortable using with the durability and features to boost your bottom line. Shoppers can scan items as they shop, instantly being updated on discounts and suggestions for similar items. The wearable computer is not just an interesting concept, but a tried and proven technology with tangible business benefits. Hands-free computing can empower workers to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and accuracy in material handling and warehouse processes.

Tablets are one of the most popular devices in today’s technology market. The problem with most is the fragility of them. The ET50 or ET55 rugged tablet is the absolute exception and the newest technology from Zebra. It is built for business, a true work horse. It was designed to handle, drops, spills and extreme weather conditions. There is the functionality to have multiple user accounts. Allowing workers to share a device, while having personalized access based on their needs. From a business aspect one of the key features on this rugged tablet is the data encryption. All information entered into the device is automatically encrypted. This makes it safe for sensitive information to be entered; such as credit card and client contact information.

These products are just a few examples of the innovations being made that can optimize your business needs, and put the power in your hands. For more information or questions, contact us.

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