Organizing inventory with asset management and tracking

Paper recording of assets is complex, inaccurate and overwhelming. It results in disorganization and increased expenses. Keeping paper records becomes daunting, laborious and inaccurate leading to headaches and the loss and breakdown of expensive assets. However, there is a quicker and easier solution with asset management and tracking software, barcode scanners and rugged mobile computers.

By using an electronic means to organize and monitor inventory, details can be viewed and tracked, improving the efficiency and performance of the business while decreasing expenses.

To make business management a step easier, electronic asset management and tracking aids in the retrieval of the following information:

  • What products are in the inventory
  • Where the products are located
  • What the products are used for
  • How much the products cost
  • When the products were placed into inventory
  • When product warranties expire
  • When assets need to be serviced
  • Advantages and disadvantages these products have

Electronic asset management and tracking allows the constant retrieval of important information with a combination of software and barcoding technology. The shipments of products can be monitored and alerts can be received when shipments are sent and received while monitoring which products are the most beneficial. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of products, allows cost cutting strategies by determining which products bring the highest revenue and which decrease overall revenue earned. Through organizing these details, costs can be cut by changing product stores and altering management to increase overall income made.

Management and tracking software and barcode scanners like the Zebra DS-3500 or DS-3508, or rugged mobile computers like the  or 99GX, ensure your business is run smoothly and efficiently by organizing of asset data. With software and hardware to aid in the management of assets, expenses can be decreased by ensuring assets are returned, bought, maintained, and sold appropriately. Manage your business with top of the line management and tracking software and barcoding technology. 

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