Print & apply technology combines two steps into one

Print & apply automation, once within the reach of only the largest operations, is now a technology that small and medium-sized businesses can manage and afford: no dedicated IT staff necessary.

How it works

Print & apply combines a barcode print engine with automation equipment. It works this way:

  • Product data is entered into the automation software's companion application
  • The printer recognizes your product as it approaches
  • The software sends data to the printer which prints the label 
  • The label is applied in the specified location
  • A scanner verifies the label for accuracy (optional) 
  • The product heads to its final destination  

How it helps

There are five primary areas in which print & apply offers distinct advantages:

  • Compliance—consistent placement ensures standards are met
  • Tracking—barcodes are always readable and accurate for easier tracking of materials
  • Throughput—labeling is faster with fewer errors and less downtime
  • Branding—a consistent, professional appearance is achieved 
  • Productivity—with no manual labor involved, processes are streamlined and dynamic changes can be made quickly

Factors to consider

Work with a trusted expert as you investigate print & apply technology. They’ll help you choose a unit that allows for quick cleaning and replacement of print heads to minimize downtime. Also, make sure it is designed to handle the volume you expect to process and that it can operate in your particular environment and handle dust, humidity, extreme temperatures or other characteristics of your location.

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