Pros and cons of rugged tablets for barcoding

You've probably heard of using rugged tablets for barcoding as an up and coming thing to do. Well, what are the benefits of using a rugged tablet for barcoding? Should you run out and replace your existing handheld barcode scanners with tablets or is this overhyped? Explore the pros and cons of using rugged tablets for your barcoding needs.

Pros of using rugged tablets in barcoding

With a light body that won't weigh down workers carrying around rugged tablets, yet the durability to withstand scratches and drops, rugged body tablets have a lot to recommend them to busy manufacturing and industrial workplaces. These tablets are also responsive, fast, and feature a battery life that can get through heavy use on a shift. Workers won't need to switch out one tablet for another mid-shift, necessitating productivity delays.

Finally, tablets have more storage capacity compared with smaller scanning devices, and so are capable of storing and retrieving more information for busy workers on the go. These advantages make them a wise choice for workplaces looking to upgrade or update their barcode scanning technology to something modern, fast, and easy to use.

Cons of rugged tablets for barcoding

Some employees may find the tablet interface challenging to get used to, compared with simple handheld devices. During the initial rollout, tasks may take longer to complete as staff are getting used to using the new devices. After the initial rollout period, once staff have become comfortable with the new devices, they will be faster when using them. Rugged tablets do represent an additional expense compared with simple handheld scanners. We think the expense is worth it given all of the advantages of these devices. 

We have a lot of experience using rugged tablets for barcoding, so if you want to learn more, contact us.

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