Pros and cons of using hand held bar code scanners

So you may be wondering; what are the advantages and disadvantages to your business of using hand held bar code scanners? We have a lot of experience with these and can gladly give you tips on some of the pros and cons to expect with this type of bar code scanner.

Pros of using hand held bar code scanners 
The advantages of this type of scanner are many and include the following:

  • Good for scanning bulky items - You don't want to be lifting bulky items up and down just for scanning, so a hand held bar code scanner is a must for safely tracking these items.
  • Ideal for inventory - When you will be scanning items across the store or warehouse, as in inventory, this type of scanner is lightweight and easy to take with you.
  • Inexpensive and flexible - When you don't want to spend a lot of money on a scanner, or when you want a multi-use scanner, this kind is a good option. Handheld bar code scanners are fairly inexpensive and are good to have on hand for a range of uses.

Cons of using hand held bar code scanners 
Handheld bar code scanners may not be right for every application. Here are some of their disadvantages:

  • Short reading zone - When you want to scan items that are far away, such as 20 feet high up in warehouse storage, these items will not work well. There are other scanners that can scan at distance that you'd be better off using.
  • Not hands-free - As the name indicates, these scanners need to be held by hand. This effectively limits the employees to having just one hand free to use at all times, which can slow productivity. A hands-free scanner could work better if staff need to use both hands when working.

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