Raising the bar for quality barcode labels

Your business is expanding, customer satisfaction is up and product is flying off the shelves. An overwhelming boom in business is welcoming however intensifies growing pains and sometimes brings an unexpected halt to distribution. The barcode scanner is experiencing a meltdown and the labels are anything but presentable. You need a solution that raises the bar for quality barcode labels and also won’t break the bank. Read our barcode label quality white paper and learn how preventing label printing problems can help you avoid lost productivity, increased costs, and accurate material movement.

Common Problems

Technology is good unless it’s not working properly. When your barcode scanners are unable to read the labels you lose time, revenue and potential customers. Sometime you see the problem but identifying the cause and finding an optimal solution is difficult. Here are few reasons the scanner is unable to read barcode labels properly.

• Labels that are not made to adhere to certain surfaces

• Faded or damaged labels that are unreadable

• Missing bars (when picket fence printing)

• Horizontal white lines crossing the barcodes when printing in ladder format

• Labels that are too small or large

• Poor quality and resolution of the label printer (200 dpi or higher)

• Label formatting and printing orientation

Printing barcode labels that are correctly formatted and in the quantity you need them saves you time, money and adds value to the product you provide. If the problem is a kink resulting from minor modifications or necessary cleaning the cost is fairly affordable. However for more severe problems requiring equipment replacement the cost adds up quickly without a clear assessment management plan.


Manual inventory creates confusion and is one of the main reasons for multiple errors. Accurately assessing product demand ensures the correct quantity of labels, minimizing excess waste resulting from repetitive repairs and replacement.  Demand is swiftly met when utilizing equipment such as a forklift with laptop, barcode printers, rugged mobile computers, or mobile barcode printers, eliminating unnecessary chaos and frustration. Operational software that enables the equipment to function properly provides the ability to print barcode labels from any location increasing efficiency.

Growth brings problems but producing quality barcode labels when you need them won’t be one of them. These are just a few ways to raise the bar of excellence saving you time, money and peace of mind with unlimited possibilities.

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