Rent barcode scanners and get a more accurate inventory

Inventory is a big job, but critical to your operation. Streamline the process by renting barcode scanners from Supply Chain Services! There’s no reason to buy equipment that you use just once or twice a year.  And if you need extra scanners to handle the holiday rush or another large project, renting is a great solution. You don’t have to strain your budget. Use the equipment as long as you need it, and then send it back. 

Count on barcode scanners for greater accuracy

Manual inventory is tedious and can tie up your employees for hours or even days. Mistakes are more easily made as inventory takers are interrupted, lose count or are rushed to complete the task. When you use reliable barcode scanners, you get an accurate running total and complete the process quickly. No starting over!

Save on labor  

Keeping valuable employees from their main responsibilities to count products slows your business down and costs you money. Using barcode scanners takes fewer employees less time to take inventory. You save money and get your operation back up to speed in record time.

We’re here to help you through the process

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