The revolution in mobile device batteries is here

For most automated operations, batteries are an afterthought—not critical to the day-to-day.

Until they stop working.

Your mobile handheld won’t hold a charge. Your vehicle mounted unit isn’t working like it should. Whatever the issue, it’s not only inconvenient, it’s costly.

The typical solutions include overstocking batteries to overcompensate, or sending devices in for repairs—all of which are not ideal for your operations. These non-solutions cost you money on unnecessary stockpiles of batteries. They cost you time when devices fail mid-shift and your employees must hunt down batteries or send devices in for repairs. And they cost you productivity when your employees are dealing with a bad battery instead of focusing on the job at hand.

But what if you could identify a bad battery right in your warehouse? Or know exactly how old your battery is and prepare a swap before your device goes down? Our partnership with Global Technology Systems (GTS) makes these options a reality.

Find a bad battery in seconds

Through our partnership with GTS, we bring customers a groundbreaking service that that allows for the identification of a bad battery in just 3 seconds. The GTS Tester and Mobile App provides the technology to identify, remove and replace bad batteries right on site.

Supply Chain Services experts are available to work with your staff to implement this technology today. Our team can visit your site, test and replace your batteries on a regularly scheduled basis. They are also available to assist your warehouse team to utilize the GTS Tester and App directly.

This sophisticated, patent-pending battery management solution also minimizes the need for battery surplus, making it possible to replace only the bad, and tap into battery inventory when and where it is needed. By testing battery life, you can also better manage and extend the life of a battery. Identifying “end of life” batteries to be used in lower-demand devices can extend the life of the battery and ensure high-volume devices always have the freshest batteries.

When the bad batteries have been identified, GTS provides a convenient recycling solution to be sure batteries are properly disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Identify batteries before they go bad

Our partnership with GTS provides another solution to the bad battery problem—color coding. The GTS Battery Color Coding™ solution colors batteries based on the year they go into use. In one glance, your staff can identify the mobile device battery’s age and warranty status. Color coding can be used to schedule regular battery changes before they go bad—eliminating mid-shift breakdowns due to bad batteries.

Alone, each of these revolutionary solutions saves your business time and money. Together—they eliminate the battery problem and keep your operations productive.

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