Rugged mobile devices to improve inventory management and asset control

Progressive businesses are leading by utilizing rugged mobile devices to avoid the time-consuming task and draining experience of doing physical inventory.Your workforce needs access to tools which allow them to be their most productive, resulting in improved inventory management and asset control. Innovative products from Honeywell Scanning & Mobility and Motorola Solutions, recognized by distribution and warehousing companies as top quality investments, provide optimal performance and usability.

Honeywell's Dolphin 99GX rugged mobile computer features cutting-edge wireless technology, is extremely durable, and is user-friendly with multi-functional data capture, allowing front-line mobile workers unmatched efficiency and accuracy. Equipped with Shift-PLUS power management, it provides full shift battery life and eliminates the need fr carrying spare batteries or chargers. It allows real-time access to critical data with fast and reliable wireless connectivity, delivering full coverage for applications, indoors and outdoors.

With the Dolphin 99GX's multiple keypad options, smart sensors, a super fast CPU, and a large, outdoor-viewable screen, your workforce will have the right combination to enhance their capabilities.

Motorola's ET1 Enterprise Tablet is built with ultra-strong Gorilla® Glass which is 30% thicker than most consumer displays and is flexible when dropped, avoiding scratches and shattering. With impressive data capture features for barcode scanning and image capture, it boasts a rear 8MP auto-focus camera with user-controllable illumination, aim and flash, capturing 1D and 2D barcodes, signatures, documents, and video.

The ET1 is lightweight, with a rapid resume Smart Li-Ion battery, and offers multiple choices for communication, making this a superior tablet that will boost productivity everyday. 

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