Rugged mobile devices save time & money in harsh conditions

Time is money, and having a rugged mobile device in a place where conditions are harsh can save a lot of time.  When the environment doesn't want to play by the rules it's frustrating to have a barcoding system that can't stand the test.

Keeping up on material handling operations is a must in order to make sure your business is running smoothly, and save money on inventory mistakes.  The Zebra MC9200 is a perfect example of a mobile computer that will stand the test of a harsh environment.  

Whether you're using this device in warehousing, logistics, distribution, or manufacturing, the MC9200 will provide all necessary services and more.  With the highest industrial-grade level of security and the ability to process data with high bandwidth applications, it will always help you be productive and accurate.  

With the MC9200, and the most advanced barcode scan engine it utilizes, you will not have the issue of barcode symbologies being incompatible with your device.  

Imagine the setback if a large delivery of materials arrived at your warehouse and the barcode scanner was broken due to either an accidental drop to the ground, or being exposed to water or chemicals.  This scenario is a nightmare for inventory tracking! Why not avoid risks easily by using a more durable, and more dependable device?  Worrying about your equipment is the last thing you need to do be doing when IT resources are scarce, but downtime is not an option.  

If you think your business could benefit from using rugged mobile computers, contact Supply Chain Services to get you on the road to efficiency.   

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