Rugged tablets bring computer finesse to operations

Just like the evolution in work boots, AIDC solutions have had to evolve to be functional in harsh conditions and under significant stress. Industrial-based businesses that have warehouse and distribution processes can improve many aspects of internal performance and customer satisfaction through implementation of end-to-end computer systems designed to their exact specifications. Regardless of the industry, instant, accurate company-wide communication is available because of the ever-increasing sturdiness, reliability and flexibility of "rugged tablet" computers.

Same Service - Stronger Construction 
Rugged tablets are designed for industrial use but provide the same service and function as regular tablets. Construction materials have been enhanced to protect the internal software from drops, weather, temperature and even dirt and liquid infiltration, all of which may be ordinary hazards of industrial work sites. Some are engineered to meet US Military Standards for durability, making them almost indestructible in the commercial setting. Moreover, they can be loaded with secure entry mechanisms like fingerprint identification or access card requirements, improving data and proprietary security.

Flexible and Adaptable 
Depending on system requirements, rugged tablets can be fitted with cameras to record data (e.g., product damage) and information on the site and transmit it immediately to where it needs to go. Signature-capture capability allows signatures to be matched exactly and in real-time to inventory and other business transactions.

Unlike a barcode scanner that only read limited information, the rugged tablet can be programmed to read barcodes, shipping manifests, receipts, and a myriad of other business-function documents. A rugged tablet provides reliable, secure computing capability on one device, which is easily managed, and always in communication with the rest of the company, regardless of its actual location. When used in conjunction with an integrated computer system, rugged tablets can help any business improve their processes, reduce their costs and maintain their edge in today’s high-stress industrial world.

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