Save time and money with rugged tablets for barcoding

It is a well known fact that time is money. So how can you save both time and money? The solution may lie in your processes for inventory and shipping. If your company seems to have inventory loss or missing items, mismatched items, or simply taking to much time and man-power to do physical inventory counts, then perhaps you need to rethink your methods of taking inventory and tracking it as well.

First off, don't be fooled into investing in technology that might break under the work conditions that may typical to a workday. Extreme heat, cold, accidental drops, and poor programming could cost you in the end. Rugged tablets for barcoding could be the solution to multiple problems. Don't leave it up to your employees or their smartphones to try and keep up with a more specialized device. With advances in technology you shouldn't be left behind trying to figure out inventory with outdated scanners, poorly coded apps, or worse, a pen and paper. Don't waste time and money having employees do extra work. You can save on labor costs and also mechanical maintenance of your warehouse equipment such as forklifts.

Rugged tablets are being used in a number of industries. In field service they are being used to look up specifications and drawings of equipment being repaired. In warehousing they are being used by operators for a more robust interface to the warehouse management system. In many industries, rugged tablets are being used by management to monitor operations performance metrics.

Rugged tablets with industrial-grade barcode scanners are proven to help make shipping, tracking, and inventory all more efficient. Whether its in-house tracking or cross country, a tablet may be the solution.

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