Three ways to use a rugged tablet to manage inventory

rugged tablet computer takes the power of mobile computing technology and puts it in the hand of management and employees in locations not previously able to use mobile technology. A rugged tablet that has the hardware and software to manage your business systems and is rugged enough to handle being on the work floor surrounded by chemicals and exposed to many risks can provide many benefits to your business. One of the benefits is the ability to integrate inventory management throughout your warehouses and with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Software (WMS).

The following are three ways your business can increase inventory management through implementing rugged tablets in your warehouses:

  1. Perpetual Inventory Management - perpetual inventory management can often be too difficult with high volume objects. A rugged tablet with a barcode scanner can be used to accurately and efficiently track every item of inventory on your work floor. The introduction of automatic identification data collection (AIDC) increases efficiency and decreases costs due to lost inventory.
  2. Mapping Systems - in larger warehouses product and materials can be hard to find. Being able to quickly locate the row and section of rarely used inventory without going to an office to look up the system saves time and stress for employees.
  3. Maintain More Accurate Records - recording damage and passing the record through the right channels takes large amounts of time and energy. Rather than putting all the pressure on middle management and employees to document damage, assess responsibility and find the responsible party for signing off on the damaged product, simply take a photograph with the camera on a rugged tablet, attach the photograph to the inventory's file in your management system and automatically email responsible parties concerning the damage. This saves energy, time, and capital costs from storing damaged inventory for long periods of time.
  4. Monitoring and reporting - businesses with material handling processes, such as warehouses, distribution centers, logistics, and manufacturing cannot afford reduced productivity or downtime. Not only does it affect costs, but has big implications for customer satisfaction and loyalty. With a rugged tablet, managers can monitor the status of production lines and stock status. Alerts can be sent to so a manager can quickly resolve these problems.

These are just some of the basic uses for a rugged tablet computer in a warehousing and distribution environment. Contact Supply Chain Services for more information about technology and tools for managing your inventory, increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

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