Transportation and logistics demands high-speed WLAN

In the transportation and logistics industries, speed, continuity and mobility are of the utmost importance—especially where WLAN is concerned. That’s why Zebra Technologies offers WLAN that is trustworthy, fast and always available.

With Zebra WLAN’s vehicle-mounted modem any bus, train or other transportation vehicle can offer this reliable, fast and secure wireless broadband. This Vehicle Mounted Modem (VMM) can be shock-mounted on any vehicle and has the power to provide WLAN at speeds up to 60 mph. It’s also possible to provide connectivity to users in tough-to-reach locations and RF environments, such as airport tarmacs, yards, sea ports, warehouses and surface mining locations.

If radar interference is ever a problem in your network, you should consider investing in the AP 8163 for its patented ETSI DFS Scan Ahead technology. This technology allows the unit’s third radio to scan for channels without any radar interference. When a 5 GHz data radio does come across radar interference, the channel can be changed in milliseconds. This removes the possibility for network outages due to radar interference.

Zebra WLAN is outdoor 1P67 rated and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, rain and wind in even the harshest of environments. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity in all conditions.

And then there’s Patented Mesh Networking–MeshConnex™, which allows lower operating costs within a completely wireless network. Patented Mesh Networking extends existing wireless or wired networks in remote or outdoor locations. This eliminates the cost and effort of running cables to every access point outdoors. Building a mesh network on both data radios allows for superior survivability and uptime in environments with dynamic RF interference due to automatic fail overall. For more information about how your logistics and transportation company can get started with high-speed WLAN, contact Supply Chain for more information. 

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