What does versatile mobility look like in the Digital Age?

Zebra’s EC50/55 Mobile Computer!

Higher customer demands combined with high labor turnover pose a great challenge for businesses who must do more with less. Consequently, that means businesses have to multitask whenever possible to meet demands within a smaller time frame without compromising order accuracy.

At Supply Chain Services, we create solutions that boost personal productivity while strengthening the entire supply chain without disruptions. That’s why we partnered with Zebra to bring you the EC50/55 mobile computer that combines the ultimate collaboration features, optimized scanning capabilities, and expanded inventory management to provide adaptable mobile efficiency that empowers businesses to stay ahead of demand.

Not your average mobile device. See the difference.

Continuing Zebra’s legacy of innovative mobility, the EC50/55 combines durability with adaptability to secure investment returns with:


  1. Simplest data capture experience - The Multi-Barcode Scanning, Swipe Assist, and Enterprise Keyboard features make scanning barcodes and entering data easier than ever before to increase operational efficiency. DataWedge allows workers to capture barcodes, photos, NFC data, and then automatically sends the properly formatted information to any existing application without coding.
  2. All-day business durability - This design is waterproof and dust-proof with IP67 sealing and drop-proof to 4 feet.
  3. Convenient voice tools - Workforce Connect PTT Express secures you to your field teams with only the push of a button. You are able to place and receive clear PTT calls over your WiFi network without third party applications.
  4. Extra wireless connections - Stay connected with dependable, unmatched WiFi connections that deliver instant application response times thanks to 2x2 MU-MIMO support, WorryFree WiFi, and Zebra’s superior WiFi radio, Zebra.
  5. Maximized device and network security - With over 100 extra security features, Zebra Fortified Android is the business-class operating system designed to prevent data breaches with government-grade encryption and automatic OS updates. 


Download the fact sheet to see how the EC50/55 can help you achieve versatile mobility.


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