Is Your Current OS Meeting Tomorrow’s Expectations?

When choosing the best OS for your organization, it’s important to find one that encompasses all your needs today and tomorrow. You need an OS that not only fulfills IT requirements, but it also meets your budget, and enhances the user experience for current and future employees. Choosing the wrong OS can also cause massive security issues for your company. The global average data breach is $3.86 million and the average cost per stolen record in a data breach is $150, so it’s crucial your company’s OS has captivating security and management capabilities in light of growing cyberattack threats.

At Supply Chain Services, we supply secure and simple mobility solutions. Switching to Zebra for Android OS enhances your business’ comprehensive benefits with intuitive technology. Zebra for Android builds a consistent customer experience, a smarter warehouse, and enhanced mobility operations.


Why Android?


Since Windows Mobile has been discontinued and now cannot offer the required updates and security needed in today’s world, this requires the rewrite of current applications. Zebra Fortified with Android however has been consistently strengthened to empower enterprises with a comprehensive OS strategy that revolutionizes your workforce mobility. It’s benefits include:

  1. More security - Maximize your worker productivity and device uptime with Zebra’s Powerful Mobility Extensions (Mx) and Mobility DNA Solutions, only available for Android, that provide better application access and WiFi performance in addition to more security.
  2. 90 day security patches - Get the constant security updates you need with Zebra’s LifeGuard to secure your devices every day they are in service.
  3. User-friendly - Since Android supports consumer-grade phones, this OS is more friendly because your employees are already used to it.
  4. Greater device accessibility - Easily track devices with features like Mobility DNA’s Device Tracker. Find device issues that can be repaired on site to eliminate downtime traveling to repair sites.
  5. Faster user adoption - Cut down on training and integration time by giving your workers personal devices that look and feel just like their own.
  6. Reliable OS updates that prevent super expensive data breaches.
  7. Affordable cost because Android OS is cost-effective because it lowers the total cost of ownership by making the update process easy with LifeGuard Analytics.
  8. Reap the benefits of Android when you swap your devices with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program


Join the workforce mobility revolution with Zebra for Android. Android is enterprise-ready because it has the largest range, toughest security, and fully customizable workforce mobility. There is a reason Android can now be found on four in every five consumer handhelds. Click here to learn more about the ultimate mobility solution.


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