Is your small business maintaining an accurate receiving process?

Running a tight receiving process is one of the most important and complex parts of creating an efficient warehouse operation in growing businesses. Improving the efficiency of your warehouse operations begins with the receiving of raw materials and other goods. You have to unload, check, store, and make sure that all the products and quantities are accounted for, efficiently and accurately. That can be difficult to achieve consistently. In fact, it's so hard that 43% of small businesses in the United States do not even track inventory, or do so using only a manual system.


Therefore, you need to find a solution that gives you the tools and technologies your growing business will need to exceed customer expectations and gain important customers.

  • Streamline every step - Identify and verify shipments in real-time to help eliminate errors and ensure traceability by scanning barcodes. Mobile processes give your workers visibility so they can be more productive and accurate.
  • Improve Accuracy - Know exactly where each piece of a shipment is so it’s easy to keep shortages from interfering with your growth.
  • Enhance Communication - Easily meet demands with ensured voice and data communication throughout your warehouse.


Create a receiving solution for your small business that moves your business beyond manual processes and keeps warehouse receiving operations running smoothly. Get an accurate receiving process with Zebra’s technology.

  • Simplify tasks and speed shipments with intelligent mobile computers like Zebra’s TC72 for instant connectivity.
  • Ensure higher standards of connectivity, and increase your scanning range by 30% with the VC80x and 3600 ultra-rugged scanner series
  • Empower your workers with digital presence that easily tags barcodes and prints wide labels or tags with the ZQ630 RFID mobile printer
  • Create a collaborative workplace and empower your teams with Workforce Connect


Upgrading your warehouse receiving dock is a crucial step towards growing your business. That’s why Supply Chain Services has steps that can enhance your operations. Contact us for a free consultation of your current receiving solutions.

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