Zebra releases ET50 and ET55 rugged tablets

Last month, Zebra Technologies released two rugged tablets: the ET50 and the ET55. What makes these tablets interesting is that they're what industry analysts call "solution-specific." That is, they are designed to be specifically useful for the needs of material handling workers, instead of being somewhat useful to everyone. The ET5X is poised to revolutionize the world of materials handling.

The tablets are called "rugged" because they are waterproof and shockproof, ideal for use in warehouses or outdoor lots. Both can both withstand being washed by a hose at full force or being dropped up to 3.2 feet onto concrete. Clip them into the optional rugged frame, available in both sizes, and they can be dropped a full 6 feet with no damage. They are also proof against humidity, dust and dirt, which can find their way into the inner workings of some tablets and cause interference. The display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass, designed with toughness and flexibility in mind, which means a lower incidence of hairline cracks on the screen.

These tablets run Windows 8.1, making them the first Zebra tablets to run a Windows program, although they will also support Android for those who prefer it. In another boon for materials handlers, their touchscreens work even when the user is wearing gloves.

The ET50 is 8.3 inches, and the ET55 is 10.1, but the two devices differ in more than size. The ET50 has only WiFi support, while the ET55 can link up via 4G LTE. So the ET55 is the model for delivery drivers, truckers, and anyone else who can't be sure of their WiFi.

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