Zebra ZQ500 mobile printers: part two

In our last blog, we introduced you to Zebra’s ZQ500 Series mobile printers. Here is one specific application for these mobile printers:

In transportation and logistics, mobile printers can be used for transportation tickets, invoices and reports, field sales and service receipts, cash on delivery (COD) receipts, direct store delivery (DSD) receipts, parcel and logistics proof of delivery receipts, car rental receipts for vehicle return, labels and documentation, notices and utility invoices, and readings.

On-the-go productivity requires dependable solutions in almost every situation. The dependable, innovative ZQ500 Series stands up to the test in every environment, every time. After all, mobile work environments can be quite harsh on hardware. ZQ500 Series printers are engineered to handle drops, bumps and collisions in the everyday work environment, while also being as lightweight and user-friendly as consumer-grade products.

ZQ520 and ZQ510 printers come with a patented military design that easily meets third-party-verified MIL-STD 810g military standards for vibration, extreme temperature exposure and shock. The printers can withstand repeated drops to concrete from 6.6 feet on various sides. When paired with the modes’ optional exoskeleton case, this increases to ten feet. As a bonus, both of these printers are designed to protect media from being ejected when the device is dropped, ensuring your workforce stays productive, focused and mobile. Then there is the environmental factor. Zebra not only protects your hardware, but also your operational uptime. Liquids and dust are common in mobile environments, which is why ZQ500 printers meet IP54-rating. This can span from crumbs in a service vehicle to dirt in a field. There are a number of harsh environments in which mobile printers may be used. And, with cold temperature compensation, these printers automatically balance and optimize print speed and quality, wherever it’s freezing.

For additional information about ZQ5200 mobile printers, including information about how you can purchase these models, contact Supply Chain Services today.

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