Zebra’s Visibility IQ Puts an End to Mobile Device Management Headaches

Managing mobile devices in your company and keeping them running optimally can be filled with headaches. It’s especially tough when you don’t have proper visibility into all your devices across all locations and workflows.

Without clear, complete, and accessible information from the mobile devices at the edge of your operations, you can be blindsided by problems.

A lack of mobile device visibility can quickly lead to lost devices, preventable performance issues, lack of proper maintenance and firmware updates, and disruptions to workflows.  

And when you’re already busy reacting to other IT issues, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to proactively prevent problems before they take place.

The end results are loss of productivity and costly disruptions when devices slow down, aren’t updated regularly, and fail to perform up to expectations.

In fact, a recent State of Enterprise Mobility report revealed that 50% of business professionals experience mobile device failures on a monthly basis, and these failures impact their ability to do their work.

Fortunately, new software applications are helping prevent and minimize mobile device failures and issues by making it incredibly easy to track, monitor, and manage all your devices across your entire organization.

In particularly, Zebra’s Visibility IQ Foresight, an operational visibility service, is leading the way by allowing companies and their IT departments to quickly answer key questions:

  • How well are devices connecting to our network?
  • Are there issues with certain device features?
  • Are all devices properly configured?
  • Are software/app updates and security patches due or overdue?
  • Are devices fully charged and available?
  • Are workers using these devices optimally?


Knowing the answers to these questions helps you assess the health of your devices and take preventive actions to ensure their proper maintenance, usage, and performance. Moreover, the accurate and reliable information from Zebra’s Visibility IQ dashboards and reports can be turned into action that improves mobile efficiency, productivity, and profitability for your business.

You can use mobile device information from the edge of your operations to ensure that devices are healthy, updated, in use, and optimized for maximum performance.  In fact with Visibility IQ, you can track the location, usage, and health of every Zebra mobile computer, barcode scanner, and printer—including configuration, network communication, firmware updates, battery health, repairs, and support cases.

Zebra’s Visibility IQ provides all of these insights via the cloud and from a single pane of glass. So you can analyze device performance, proactively prevent issues or address them, and update and configuration devices remotely.

All the data is delivered in an easily understandable and actionable format, including visual dashboards and detailed reports. It’s aggregated into one color-coded, cloud-based view, including historical data to help predict and shape your mobility future.

In addition to Foresight, Visibility IQ also offers other modules including Visibility IQ DNA, which allows you to peer inside your hardware for answers to better efficiency, and Visibility IQ One-Care, which allows you to see cloud-based reports that focus on uptime, savings, and security.

Based on the experiences of our Supply Chain Services clients, we highly recommend this toolset to catch problems before they happen, avoid unforeseen device downtime, and make sure you’ve got the right device resources allocated and optimally configured for your mobile operations.


To learn more about Visibility IQ, download our brochure now and contact our team at Supply Chain Services to schedule a demo and get answers to your questions.

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