Culture – It’s All About the People

1st Quarter 2016

We’ve had a few employees leave recently. It’s always a sad time when folks move on, regardless of the circumstances; a bit like losing as sibling.

A lesson I learned, and keep relearning, is that departures most often come down to cultural differences. Yes, occasionally an employee doesn’t have the requisite skills. Sometimes it’s lack of promotional opportunities or simply getting a better offer elsewhere. Occasionally it’s the result of a  disagreement on the direction of the company.

Yet ultimately the company’s culture is either compatible with the employee or not. And if not, the employee moves on. Considering that we spend a lot of time in the work environment, that’s the way it should be. No one should work at a place where the company’s values don’t match their own.

As to the company…well, it has to continually assess whether it has the right culture for both the market and the objectives it’s pursuing. Specifically: will that culture attract, retain and motivate employees to achieve those objectives. If not, then the company must change.

In the end the culture is all about the people – they are the company.