The Curse of Growth : It Doesn’t Go On Forever

3rd Quarter 2016

A while back I wrote about how rapid growth brings the curse of facility expansion and employee turnover. When that growth slows down substantially, it brings another curse, keeping employee morale up, while growth isn’t on track. Despite how much we thought we were prepared for the proverbial “bump in the road,” of course we found we were not – at least psychologically. Our business began to decrease last November and continued to trend lower than anticipated through the first half. As prepared as we all thought we were, we had to start asking ourselves some hard questions: Why is this happening? How can we keep employees motivated and proud of our company in a flat year? What can we do to recapture our growth? Why am I so cranky? Morale was lower than it had been in our high growth years and we didn’t want it to go lower.  As we started to talk to others in our business, including our suppliers, we found that many of them were down the same, if not more than we were. From there, we all calmed down a bit. We decided to start focusing on the positives by resetting our expectations, streamlining some internal processes, recognizing the hard work everyone here has been putting in and we resumed doing what we do best: HELPING CUSTOMERS OPERATE BETTER. For the moment, even though we are running numbers similar to this time last year, the post growth curse is behind us, I’m no longer a grouch and we have emerged a stronger and better team.